Who Are We?

The Game Distillery was formed in Toronto, Canada in 2017 by three creative-types with the sole purpose of making awesome, unique tabletop games that make us excited to keep playing.  We know game shelf space is precious, so our focus is on replayability.  Because no one wants to invest in a game they quickly get bored with (including the people creating it.  


Andy, aka the VHS Taperipper, is a lifelong gamer and weirdness magnet (and weirdness magnate?).  He has been designing games with his two friends Dale and Graig since 2016.


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When not tending to his husbandly/parental/pet-related duties or hiding from social media, Graig likes to consume mass quantities of geeky pop culture and sometimes write about them on the internet.  He is the author of the urban superhero fantasy novel Quarter City, available on Wattpad.

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