Game Description

Another hurricane has struck the perennially disaster prone Disastertown, and it's up to you to help the city recover by reclaiming resources, rebuilding buildings and receive the reward as the city's top contractor.

Disastertown: Hurricane is a resource gathering game unlike any other.  During game setup, players take the massive stack of double-sided resource cards and literally toss them into the air, letting them land in the Disaster Zone on your game table.  This unique process creates a layered resource pile which means every game of Disastertown: Hurricane will be distinct, with its own exciting limitations and challenges.

From the Disaster Zone you will rescue salvage for direct rebuilding, gather scraps in pairs for trading at the recycling facility, and discover disaster relief packages to help you in your goals.  You will also meet the denizens of Disastertown who can assist you with their special skills as you rebuild up to three buildings and complete agendas to score points, and maybe winning the key to the city in the process.

Players: 2-4

Solo Play Variant: Yes

Play Time: 45 - 90 minutes

Thinky-Thinky Level: 2/4

Release Date: TBD 







Andy and Graig are making a demo video of Disastertown: Hurricane's unique board set up.  This is an outtake (shot by a 7-year-old)


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